Learning Centres

Social & Emotional Growth

The most important development for your young preschooler is their social and emotional growth. We foster this through patience, modelling positive behaviour, and social stories. We ensure your child feels important and accepted

Our preschool provides social stories through age apprpriate story books, puppet shows, and excercising "The Zones."

Fine & Gross Motor

Fine Motor: Our program provides a multitude of manipulatives that are switched out weekly to spark interest. We follow the Hand Writing Without Tears program.

Gross Motor: We have an indoor play area/structure as well engaging movement activities such as daily YOGA,  parachute play, music and movement. 

Sensory Exploration

Preschoolers LOVE sensory stimulation using all their senses. We provide many fun sensory exploration to help build those key muscles while engaging their interest. 

Whether we are outside exploring nature, or indoors learning about insects, we are using our senses to hear, feel, taste, and see to learn about our surroundings.

Fine Arts


Music & Movement: Children learn effortlessly when using music as a medium. Our music program will help strengthen your child's attention span and help develop critical thinking and stimulation.

We teach tempo and simple notes using musical instruments. Often we will take our music class outdoors during nice weather. Each month we learn songs that connect with our theme. 

Arts & Crafts: We have a weekly organized craft where children will often cut, paste and assemble their art work. 

Throughout the week, children visit our art centre during free-play time to create what ever their heart desires using various art medium (clay, play-doh, feathers, sticks, paper, buttons etc..) 

Academic Learning

What will my child be learning? 

We would need to write a book to list it all, so here is the short version, we know children learn best while having fun. To incorporate math, science, and literacy, we do this through fun engaging activities:

  •  table top activities
  • rhymming 
  • music and movement,
  • weather predicions,
  • calendar 
  • worksheets. 
  • science experiments 
  • learn to recognize & print our name
  • alphabet phonetics 
  • Counting to 31
  • list goes on...

We know how important play is to your child at this age. We balance our academic learning with child directed exploration to meet your child's developmental needs. 

Special Events


Special Parties: We love parties and we decorate our classroom for Valentines, and St. Patrick's day and have an Easter egg hunt. 

Our Parent Committee fundraises for fun activities such as a family Christmas concert and year end party with a special graduation ceremony for children moving onto kindergarten, including professional photos. 


Langdon Engagment: Each year we participate in the Langdon Parade with our float. We feel honoured to have been awarded BEST IN SHOW at the 2016 & 2018 Langdon Days Parade. 

We also visit  businesses to engage community awareness on our outdoor walks during nice weather.