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Early Intervention Services

What is Early Intervention Services?

It's a support program for families who have a child that may require additional assistance with speech delays, fine and gross motor delays or behavior challenges. Your child could receive PUF (program unit funding) if your child has a severe delay in language or two or more developmental delays in:

  • Speech 
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Behavior

These delays can be mild to moderate or severe. The therapists and learning support teachers provide individual program plans that fit each child's learning style. The goal is to assist your child prior to kindergarten so that they may begin their educational journey with improved confidence and skills. 

Early intervention services are provided by private government-funded agencies guided by Alberta Education. Their services are free to families enrolled in licensed early learning  (preschool) programs.

If you are not sure if your child is meeting all of the typical age stage milestones,  please allow us to screen your child free of charge. It's simple, just fill out the screening consent form by visiting:  during the first week of preschool. These are some of the areas of development our professionals will be looking at:

  • attention
  • movement
  • speech
  • hearing
  • how their child interacts with other people

If your child qualifies for early intervention services, Providence employs several therapists as part of their transdisciplinary team, which includes Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Behavioural Specialists, as well as Teacher/Therapeutic Assistants.

Stepping Stones Langdon Preschool is proud to be partnered with PROVIDENCE as our chosen early intervention team! 


Preschool PROVIDENCE Team

Early Learning Specialist & Manager


Jennifer Weibe  

 Teachers are responsible for planning and implementing a quality program in the classroom, coordinating the Individual Program Plan (IPP) process, writing the IPP, monitoring your child’s program, facilitating parent involvement, and providing support to parents. 

Occupational Therapist


 Jill Botelho 

"The Occupational Therapists (O.T.) are skilled in addressing child development concerns in the areas of fine motor development, readiness skills and self-care independence. This encompasses the use of arms and hands for support and manipulation; developing and using perceptual skills in play and increasing personal care and independence with the assistance of specialized equipment, if necessary. " 

Speech Therapist


 Jennifer Blancher 

The Speech-Language Pathologists (S.L.P.) addresses any concerns with communication skills, which may affect a child’s social skills, relationship and/or learning. Some children may have special needs in the areas of articulation, language. Fluency (stuttering), voice, hearing impairment, and/or alternative/augmentative communication systems. 

Behaviour Therapist



The Behavioural Specialists can ensure that programming is adapted to meet the child’s cognitive, social and emotional needs. On the basis of informal and formal assessments, the Behavioural Specialist can consult to teachers and other team members, provide treatment to individual children, and provide support and consultation to families on parenting skills and handling special concerns with their child’s behavior.

In addition to assisting Providence staff with programming, the team members are also available to parents to assist with home concerns or questions. Team members can be accessed directly or through your child’s teacher.

Learning Facilitatior


Cherie Kolenosky

Cherie says, "It can be exciting and scary to be a little person in a big world and everyone assimilates differently.  I am here as a friendly rudder to help navigate through new adventures and make learning fun.” 

Learning Facilitator


Jessica Smythe

Learning Support Teachers help guide our students with one-on-one support. We design learning programs to suit the individual needs of the child. Children benefit from this individual attention and support. 

Preschool PREP & GRIT Team


Roxanne Wickstrom - PREP Program

Roxanne is a mother of 2 boys, one of whom atteneded our preschool program.  Roxanne volunteered in our classroom and she was such a natural educator it is not a wonder why she joined PREP in September 2018. Roxanne is also a health care aide, so this was a great asset in her role as a classroom learning specialist for PREP.

Roxanne says, "I love my job and get so much satisfaction from it." 


G.R.I.T - Developmental Specialist

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